Over It Girl Tee

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She's like, SO over it. If you can pull off the absolutely perfect messy bun then this girl is you. Hand drawn by one of the Head Betches who, by the way, is also totally over it. 


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Our new white soft tees use a material that is luxe enough to soften even the Betchiest girl. Made of part modal and part cotton, they're softer than any tee we've ever carried in the shop, have a more pronounced scoop neckline to show off your collarbone, and we'd like to point out that they're ridic flattering.  


This pocket, located at the neckline, is perfect for discreetly stashing money, your black cards, ID, lipstick, or whatever else, because it can actually fit it. Now, instead of stuffing something in your bra, you can keep it in your sweatshirt! 


Tees are made of 50% modal 50% cotton; feminine fit. Model is wearing extra-small. Pocket will tightly hold a credit card, cash, and dime bag. 


Type: Tees

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