Are you trying to plan a bachelorette party but everything on the internet is either corny DIY tee shirts or has a penis on it? Yeah, we know.

It's annoying AF. 

That's where we come in. Don't you want your bestie's bachelorette party to be betchy and not lame? You do, we know you do. So why have a shitty bachelorette when you can have a BETCHELORETTE. 

We will customize your tees, tanks, hats, robes, vintage denim jackets, swimwear  literally almost anything. We will create and submit your snapchat filters. We will come up with creative and hysterical wedding and betchelorette hashtags. You can't google how to be funny but you can ask us to be funny for you. 

No customization. No fuss. Its online shopping with a group discount, betches. Shop the tanks, robes, totes, and swimwear from our Betchelorette Collection. Just don't forget to email us at with the subject Bulk for your party discount. Yay.





Make it personal. Want your future last name or a phrase of your choice printed on our Betchelorette styles for your crew? Done. Email us at with the subject Betchelorette and all your details. If you want full customization, see our VIP Package below:





A fully tailored experience for the Betch who wants it all. Have your Betchelorette personally styled by the professionals (us, duh). We'll work with you to create the perfect hashtag and designs for your exclusive Betchelorette tanks, Snapchat geofilters, vintage denim jackets, swimwear, etc. Email us for a quote with the subject Betchelorette.



Email us at with the subject Betchelorette

Email Instructions

Please keep in mind we need at least 3 months notice before your Betchelorette party. Please email us with this information:

1. Date of the party

2. Details of the party (where, how many people, etc)

3. What you're looking for in terms of customization! 

From there we'll be able to email you back to start this amazingly awesome process. 



Add #betchelorette and tag @shopbetches in your Betchelorette photos and you could be featured on @shopbetches and @betches Instagram pages.