Taking Naps & Checking Apps Pillow Cases

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Taking Naps and Checking Apps. These pillows represent our two favorite pastimes. 

How To Order

1. Each pillow case is SOLD SEPARATELY. If you would like both the word pillow case and the girl pillow case, you would need to purchase both pillows separately.

WORD PILLOW CASE:  The pillow says "Taking Naps" on one side and "Checking Apps" on the other side. 

GIRL PILLOW CASE: The pillow has an image of a girl sleeping on one side and an image of a girl looking at her phone on the other side.  

2. Please select and add both "Word" and "Girl" pillow cases to your cart.

3. Once you have both the "Word Pillow Case" and "Girl Pillow Case" in your cart, you have a complete set.

4. Purchase your pillow cases and check your order confirmation to ensure you have purchased the correct set. For both "Word pillow case" AND "Girl pillow case," you should have two separate pillows cases in your cart.

4. PLEASE email us if you have any questions regarding this process at shop@betches.com. 

Note: You can select individual pillow cases and not follow the steps above for a complete set.

Pillow Case Information

Size: Standard Pillow Case, 20" x 29" 

Material: A soft and lightweight material that's typical of most pillow cases. Softens after each wash. 60% Combed Cotton 40% Poly Blend. 

Pillow inserts are NOT INCLUDED.

 We want to stress each pillow case is SOLD SEPARATELY and not in a set of two. Therefore, if you would like each design, please select and add both word and girl pillow cases to your cart.

Type: Pillow Case

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